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Posted by Molo Lolo on Wed September 16, 2015 in Foundations & Associations .

MAFUBO meaning « A women having a lot of compassion toward the other »


« A women having a lot of compassion toward the other »

Created in 2009 by Monique Mujawamariya, the International Foundation Mafubo is a set of network locally present in 36 countries all around the world, sharing the same dreams and objectives.

Through the foundation, Mafubo acts as a chain to improve the status and the living conditions of women around the world.

- Emancipate the African woman through financial sufficiency and the ability to acquire a decent housing.

- Fight against marital abuse and other violence hostile to the well-being of these women in unsecure places.

- Ease the access to appropriate medical care, where the environment is dangerous.

- Promote equality of chance through an equitable access to education

Mafubo and Molo Lolo are totally aligned in their beliefs to uplift and support those in need, it was only natural that Lolo decided to step in and work in partnership with Monique. The synergy between the two organizations will ensure that projects that are running in Cape Town receive the necessary attention, Molo Lolo is ready to take action as well as work with Mafubo to help and empowered people around us.

Molo Lolo has always been engaged with the community but this type of partnership will allow the team to push our actions to the next level.

At Molo Lolo, we are all proud to be involved in these projects and we are making a call of action for every person that have the same perception of the real world.

If you wish to contribute to these causes please contact Molo Lolo for more details.